Irish Healthcare Centre of the Year Winners

Irish Healthcare Centre of the Year Winners

Homecare Provider of the Year 2013 won by

Irish Healthcare Centre of the Year Winners are delighted to have been awarded ‘Homecare Provider of the Year 2013 at the prestigious CMG awards on Friday night.  This is a fantastic achievement for all the homecare team who have worked so hard over the last number of years developing our homecare services.

‘Being a healthcare professional for over 20 years I have always believed in ensuring the client is at the centre of everything we do.’

The team are as passionate about healthcare as I am and truly believe in delivering an excellent valued service to each of our client’s.  It is credit to such a dedicated team to be acknowledged for their continued hard work and diligence in everything they do.  Our day does not start at 9 and finish at 5; it is a 24 hours a day/365 days a year service.  The team will not stop until they are confident that each of their clients is receiving ‘Better, Safer Healthcare (in accordance with HIQA Standards, 2012).

The myhomecare team of 30 staff provide a nationwide homecare service.  We provide tailored home help from as little as 1-2 hours per day up to 24 hour complex nursing care in the home.  We have successfully partnered with Blackrock Hall Primary Care Centre and Mallow Primary Health Centre, collaborations ensuring our homecare services are assisted by full multi-disciplinary teams.

Since been set up in 2006 our homecare division has sought to innovate and add value to homecare in Ireland through the launch of a number of initiatives such as our Rapid Response Service, Transitional Care/ Interim Care Services and myhomecare clinic.

Myhomecare specialises in providing an end to end homecare service from facilitating the early discharge of clients, smooth transition from one service to another, to the management of a clinically led multidisciplinary approach and the management of chronic illnesses in the client’s home.

Positive impact our homecare services have had on the community:

All of these initiatives Rapid Response service and myhomecare clinic allow people to remain living at home, rather than be exposed to a clinical approach and possible hospital acquired infections from healthcare facilities.

Our suite of services is nationwide nurse-led healthcare solutions, available to everyone at an affordable price.  Having help at home via the Rapid Response service and myhomecare clinic enables the patients to stay at home for as long as possible, as a result our services have a serious positive impact on clients and achieve better outcomes.

Majella Savage – General Manager